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Track your vehicles with Bharat GPS Tracker

India's Best Vehicle Tracking System

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Get the location of your vehicle in real-time map. View additional information about your vehicles: speed, address, fuel consumption, travel history etc. 


Get Instant alerts about your vehicle: engine on/off, In-out geo-zone, overspeeding, idle and even if it moving. Get notifications to your iPhone, Android or via e-mail


Download reports in different formats: XLS, PDF, CSV, TXT. Reports include various information: driving hours, stopovers, distance traveled, fuel consumption and many more. 


Geo-fence feature allows to set up geographic boundaries around areas that have specific zone for you. Receive alerts when the vehicle enters or leaves the boundaries. 


With Points of Interest (POI) tool you can add markers at the locations, such as: a house, office, plant, etc. Also, you can name the place and add description.


Now Control your Vehicle Engine from anywhere in the World. Engine On and Off direct from your Smart Phone. No Matter where your vehicle is. 

Control your vehicle from anywhere in the World

Download one of our Bharat GPS tracking apps. Transform your mobile (iPhone, Android, Windows) into GPS tracker and track it online in real time

Why would you need a GPS tracker?

A GPS tracker or vehicle tracking device will track your vehicles's position in real-time so you can see its position at any given time. It ensures the safety of your vehicle. Vehicle tracking systems are a staple for most businesses with vehicle fleets

  • Bharat GPS Tracker will protect your expensive vehicles.

  • You can control the vehicle condition from damage or loss.

  • GPS devices protect your family and your future also.

Research shows that 51% of customers who take Bharat GPS Tracker save up to 30% on their annual expenses.

About Bharat GPS Tracker

From the day Bharat GPS Tracker opened its doors, we've been a team of people who risk, learn, and grow together in the name of Bharat GPS progress. We come to work each day looking at everything through the lens of "How can we make this better?"․ Founded in 2017, We have one simple aim as a company and that is to offer and maintain the most advanced and cost effective Best Vehicle Tracking Solution in India. With competitive pricing and a friendly and helpful team you can get the best service for a price that you can afford, there is no need to pay for features that you are never going to use. 

Bharat GPS Tracker isn't just about track your vehicles, it's protect your family and your future also.

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since 2017

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